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Centre for the Study of Students in Postsecondary Education
Centre for the Study of Students in Postsecondary Education
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centre Staff

Christine Arnold
Michelle Castaneda
Tony Chambers
Wes C. Chiang
Stephanie Gomes
Elizabeth Wooster


Christine Arnold (Researcher) is a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education program at OISE/UT. Her research interests include the student experience in higher education, with a focus on student mobility and transfer credit systems. She is a strong advocate of the importance of homogenizing institutions across jurisdictions, developing organizations to monitor and enforce transfer credit policy, and upholding the student interests of education as a social right in response to commoditization. Christine has published and presented on a range of topics which include transformative education, student affairs, transfer articulation and mobility, and higher education within the knowledge economy.  


Michelle Castaneda (Researcher) is a Masters of Education student focusing on Adult Education and Community Development (OISE/UT).  Michelle is currently working on research projects related to students with disabilities in higher education.  Michelle is also a full-time staff member at AccessAbility Services (University of Toronto Scarborough), where she coordinates disability awareness outreach presentations and oversees volunteer programming.  Previously, Michelle has worked in Peru with Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI), Latin American Region.  DPI is a network of national organizations working towards a common goal of promoting the human rights of persons with disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity, social & economic integration and development. 



 Tony Chambers (Director) is an Assistant Professor of higher education in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT. Professor Chambers joined the University of Toronto in 2005 after holding various academic and senior administrative positions in the United States, most recently at the University of Michigan where he was associate director of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good and adjunct professor in the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education. He currently teaches a course on the Student Experience in Postsecondary Education within the Higher Education Program at OISE/UT. Professor Chambers’ research has included topics such as leadership in higher education, improving the quality of the student experience, activism as a form of leadership and student development as well as understanding cultural differences and discrimination, with a view toward transformation.


 Wes C. Chiang (Researcheris a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education program at OISE/UT. He also holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Birmingham, U.K., where his research focused on international economics management. Prior to joining CSS and OISE/UT, Wes worked as a MBA/EMBA program manager, operating field learning centres and bridging transnational programs on behalf of Australian Universities in Taiwan, Thailand, and China. He was also responsible for designing corporate solutions for in-house training programs, making market expansion strategies and providing student services. Wes' current research interests include commercialization of higher education, business education, student experience, engagement and cognitive development.


Stephanie Gomes (Programming & Communications Assistant) is the primary contact for all matters relating to programming and administration of the Centre. Stephanie is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, currently pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a focus on European Studies and Music History and Culture. As the Centre's Programming and Communications Assistant, Stephanie works on event planning; marketing; and, maintaining the Centre's files and data system. Stephanie's current research interests include the obstacles faced by first generation students of Western European descent in the North-American academic world.


Elizabeth Wooster (Researcheros a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education program at OISE/UT and holds a Master of Education in Adult Education. Her research focus includes the education and training of professionals along the training continuum, especially the role of student experience, curriculum change and situational learning. Elizabeth has a particular interest in how the experience of students during their profession training impacts their attitudes and approaches to practice including the professional development, continuing education and their role in the training of upcoming professionals. She has published and presented on subjects related to the influence of curriculum change of student experience, presentation skills and techniques, self-assessment in multiple arenas, the definition of scholarship in continuing medical education and the efficacy and importance of guideline implementation. Elizabeth's current projects include a longitudal assessment of the implementation of a small class requirement for first year students, the role of faith in forgiveness, the use of self-audits to define and assess advocacy and the refinement of a definition of scholarship in continuing medical education.



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